Sunday, November 1, 2009


It is November 1st and I am already 100% positive that I hate cold/flu season with babies. Both Birk and Addy have now had the 'crud' (Birk more than Addy), but none the less. They both are fighting it off, or have fought it off, but I am exhausted. I'm tired to sucking snot out of their noses, giving breathing treatments and administering medications. HOWEVER, with that said...I'm so thankful that they are doing as well as they are. Both of them are up against the odds. Being born so early and having under developed lungs makes it very hard for them to fight infections of this kind. My babies are the best!!!

While they are strong fighters and doing so good..I do have to say that I will be SO THANKFUL when this season is over. They will be bigger and stronger and at that point we can hopefully stay healthy for a substantial amount of time. I have always said I do not want to wish time away with these two. While I know I will look back some day and wish for them to be babies again, I do want then to be healthier and stronger.

Here's hoping for a very mild winter, fast moving cold/flu season and some much needed rest for our little family!