Friday, April 29, 2011

Life is good...

For no particular reason did I feel like that title, other than I'm just feeling truly blessed today. I left work, picked up Addy...came home got Birk and we headed to Gray's Lake for a run. The weather was beautiful (other than some pretty hefty wind gusts), the kids were happy and pointed out all the wonderful sights at Gray's like the following; anyone with a Hawkeye shirt, anyone with a Cyclone shirt, anyone with a hat on, anyone running, anyone w/ a dog, anyone who was a guy, anyone in a stroller, anyone on a bike and then the occasional reminder that there was 'water' near by. I got about 4 miles in and then realized that I just couldn't push the 50 lb stroller against he wind any longer. We loaded up and headed to Aunt Whitney's to play for a while. They ran, played with TT (their cousin) and then we headed home. We got some good Mommy/kid wrestle time in and they just went to bed happy and tired. As I laid each of them down I kissed them and they looked back at me and said 'night Mommy.' It melted my heart and reminds me just how much I LOVE being Birk and Addy's Mommy.

Now I'm sitting here drinking my glass of wine and catching up on the Royal Wedding.

Life is good....

Friday, April 22, 2011


Wow...I'm not even sure where to begin this blog. I say often to myself 'hey, I should go blog about that so I can keep track..' and then when I finally get here I forgot all the things I wanted to blog about.

First off I guess I should start by saying that our dear Addy Grace has reached her 'terrible two's' and is running full steam. She has been a bit of a handful this past week or so. She screams when she doesn't get what she wants, and she has even resorted to violence on occasion! She does, however, have her good qualities. She loves her brother and is always looking out for him and watching out for those times he feels compelled to be naughty. We quite frequently hear 'NO BIRKY...NO' from the backseat of our van...or 'OWEY' from wherever those two are playing in the house to let us know that something isn't right in her world. :-) She loves to sing her ABC's, and count to 10 (with a little help). In fact she did a beautiful rendition of her ABC's at lunch today for the entire restaurant (we went downtown and had lunch with Daddy). Addy's new best friend is her dolly, BARB. My mom's friend gave her a cute little doll a few weeks ago and my mom made a ton of adorable outfits. THis has become one of Addy's joys. She loves to be motherly and take care of Barb. In face we often have to take Barb wherever we go. We could not leave the house last Sunday to go to church with out Barb. However, Addy did not want her in the nursery so Barb got to sit with me and listen to the service! :-)

Birk is our little man. He LOVES to play with cars, animals, 'chu chu' trains and watch TV (just like his father who gets sucked into the shows and IGNORES everything else). He is still in love with 'Yi' (Cy - from the Cyclones) and will freak out if he sees anyone who is wearing Yi (or somethings anything red.) Birk has also discovered a love for bikes and playing drums (which again just pleases his father to no end). We think we are going to try out getting him a drum set and see how much he likes it (or how much I can stand all the drumming).

Overall, life is good in the Robertson house. We can't seem to complain too much. We are excited for warmer weather so we can go to the park and be outside more often.

Hope everyone has a Happy Easter and a joyous Spring!

Monday, April 11, 2011


Here are a few shots from our trip last week....


So our Cincinnati trip didn't go quite as we had envisioned. Turns out they discovered some swelling in a NEW location in Birks' airway so they aren't quite sure he is ready. They can't go in and do surgery on an already swollen area which will only become more swollen and irritated with surgery. We aren't 100% sure that the cause was from a change that was made to an inhaled steroid that he takes by his local pulmonologist, but it likely to be a contributing factor. We are most frustrated that we are hearing conflicting things from doctors who are supposed to be experts. Turns out I do have to go to extra lengths and contact Cincinnati every time I have a question or need some direction. So, long story short we head back in August for what we hope to be a final evaluation and then surgery in September. We are praying that we find some direction for some unanswered concerns we have now that surgery has been delayed. Please pray for guidance for our family and that things will fall into place and our little guy is taken care of.

On a positive note Birk got to attend his first even MLB game. We went to the Reds/Astros game. Although the final score was not what we had hoped, it was a wonderful experience. Birk ended up getting on the Jumbo tron at the game. I asked him to show his teeth and he did. He is also the only child in the world (well, at least that I know) that also orders nachos and a banana at a game. I was pleased/not pleased to have to pay $2.50 for a banana... a BANANA! I guess I can't be upset that he chose a healthy option! :-)

Birk was very happy to be home and see his BFF Addy. They were both so happy to play on Thursday morning and VERY sad to say goodbye when Nick took Addy to daycare and Birk stayed home w/ his nurse. That warms my heart that they love each other so much (and makes me sad that they are separated each day). I guess I should count my blessings now that they want to spend time together and play!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So this week has brought up back to Ohio for what we are hoping is our final evaluation. We met the pulminologist in clinic yesterday. He was not as positive as he was when we were here in January, but both Nick and I felt that he was like that to maybe protect us from getting our hopes up.

Birk just went into the OR for his procedure. This is such a surreal experience as a parent. Both Nick and I get to be with Birk until he 'falls asleep'. To watch your child go from watching Dora (thank you to the OR nurse for bring her phone with Dora on it) to just sinking into your lap falling into a deep sleep is very strange. In some regards it is heart breaking. I hate that he has to go through this.

We are hoping and PRAYING that it is time. We know that Birk is just as happy and fun with a Trach as he will be with no Trach, but we want a normal life for him. We want him to be able to go places w/ us and we don't have to suction him, we want people to stop looking at him like he is different. Birk is amazing and he has been through so much and we only want the best for him.

So here we are in the waiting room YET again and we again are as hopeful as ever. We know that God is watching over Birk and He has a plan for when this will take place. If it isn't will be some day. I trust in God that He knows what is best and will lead us and this amazing team of doctors in that decision.

I will update when a decision has been made.

With Love,

Friday, April 1, 2011

Bad News

So these past two weeks have been a bit of a challenge. I feel like we've been surrounded with disappointing or very sad news. Old friends, and new friends have been affected, people are moving away and we are saddened by all of this. One thing that has given me a glimmer of hope is the thought of Spring. With Spring comes change and with change comes new life.

With all of this sadness it does have me thinking and praying a lot on Lent. A time of ultimate sacrifice and yet in the end we have HOPE, GRACE, FAITH, and LOVE! We have the unending love of a power so big and strong that sometimes we can't even comprehend it.

My prayer for this season is this ; Dear Heavenly Father, please bring those around me who are suffering a sense of the peace and hope you have given me tonight. Hold them in your arms and remind them of your unending love. Heal their pain in a way that they will come closer to you. In your name I pray! AMEN!