Saturday, December 31, 2011

~~ 2011...What a year!! ~~

So today marks the last day of 2011.  Wow.  I'm amazed that we are at the end of a year that has brought many MANY great times, many tears, many scary times, many stressful times, many happy memories and a lifetime of BLESSINGS!

I thought being that we have a little over 2 hours left in 2011 a little recap of our family might be in order. Here is a little update on each of us.  :-)

Nick ~  Is still working at Principal.  He is a Manager/Internal Wholesaler on the Life sales desk. He really loves his job.  He works with great people and does enjoy going to work "most days."  :-)  Principal has been great to us, especially at the end of this year.  They allowed him to work from the hospital during our visit.  It allowed us to maintain our income, not burn through our PTO and keep ourselves busy during our visit.  Nick is still playing in Risen, the praise band from our Church.  He has been at this for over 5 years.  While it does force me to watch over the kids when they don't want to go to the nursery, they LOVE watching Daddy playing guitar.  It is also a wonderful worship experience!

Jenny ~  I'm still at Wells Fargo.  I've been there for almost 8 years.  I also have a very wonderful job that supported me during our visit.  Allowing me to work / and use PTO to care for my son.  It is such a blessing to say that I work for a company who cares about their team members's families.  I've also been trying to find every opportunity to keep up on my running.  I've been having to run on the treadmill more lately as we lived in our "bubble" for Birk.  I've made due.  I was planning on running a marathon this year as I turned the dreadful 30 this year (YIKES), but since we found out surgery was at the later part of this year I decided the year I turn 31 would be better!  So, everyone PRAY FOR ME!  :-)  

Birk ~ is now trache free.  He is just the same sweet little boy that we all love.  He recovered so fast from the surgery and is running, laughing, and enjoying opening presents this holiday like the rest of us.  This year brought many great things for my sweet 2 year old boy.  He loves to play baseball, football, basketball, and LOVES TO WRESTLE on the floor with his Daddy.  He is also very much in love with anything CARS.

Addy ~ is a typical female!  :-)  She is full of sass with a strong personality who is also very loving and motherly to her brother (and anyone else she can boss around).  She loves PINK anything, loves to color and taking care of all of her babies.  She also loves to play outside, and ride her bike.

This year really taught the Ankeny Robertson's how much the Lord can provide for us.  He has shown us miracles that are right in front of our face and how to truly appreciate them.  We had the great opportunity to make new friends at Cincinnati Children's hospital and were even somewhat said when it was time to leave.  We have made the decision to begin volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House in the Des Moines area given how much they did for us in Cincinnati.  We hope 2012 brings us as many great memories as this year.  We also hope that you are blessed with a wonderful year!

God bless you!!!

Nick, Jenny, Birk, and Addy Robertson
December 31st, 2011  ~~~

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