Thursday, December 8, 2011

What do I do with this suctioner that I own?? :-)

So there is a slight chance that the trache might go back in (slight chance meaning like 19 out of 20) so we aren't jumping for TOTAL joy yet!!  However, we are praising God for the miracles that we were a part of today.

Birk came out of surgery around 3:30pm (ish) today.  Doctor came out and said to us and I quote "it could not have gone better."  This was truly music to our ears.    We half expected that there would be some sort of complication (given his history we always have had complications).  However, this time we had none.  What a blessing!!  What a blessing Dr. Cotton and his medical team has been on our lives and for our son.

I also wanted to say that each and every person who has said a prayer for Birk today is also part of this miracle.  Thank you for lifting him up with us.  Thank you for praising a God with us that can make things like this happen.  Please know that we can't even begin to say Thank you to you...but you are in our prayers.  :-)

Stay tuned!

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