Wednesday, December 7, 2011

We're here....again

So we arrived in Covington, KY at about 8:30pm EST.  We unloaded the 8 bags we have for one night in a hotel room and made our way to our 3rd floor room with a wild and crazy 2 year old (who I might add is beyond HAPPY tonight).  We promptly did a "facetime chat" with Addy and Aunt Jodi and hen ordered a pizza.  It is strange how adults and kids are so different after a long car ride.  I feel like I could peel over in bed and fall asleep immediately, but Birk is so wound up I'm wondering when he might fall asleep tonight!  :-(

Nick and I are both full of emotions this trip.  Some we didn't not feel last time.  Maybe the lack of these fears, anxieties and some sadness was just God telling us "don't wasn't going to happen."  At any rate this is challenging.  I'm not sure how I'm going to keep it together tomorrow morning.  They have bumped up surgery so he will begin at 10:45 EST (9:45 CST).  We found this to be a good thing as if it gets cancelled again we will be on the road sooner than before.  We are beyond excited for what the future holds for Birk, but still feel very heavy hearted.  Maybe its because we were surrounded by family last time.  Maybe it was because we had it all mapped out how it was going to work.  We don't know.

We do ask for prayers tonight and tomorrow.  Prayers for rest for all of us (even Addy as she spends her first night away from us).  Prayers for peace tomorrow and for the healing power on the doctors/nurses who will be taking care of one of our most prized possessions.  We have complete faith in this medical team and know that they are the best in the world.  We also know that God has the total power and he will make sure that Birk is taken care of in every way.  He will be holding his tiny 2 year old hand the entire 5+ hours when we cannot.

I will be updating this blog and my facebook as I know more information.

Thanks for all the prayers that have gone up already.  We are so thankful for each and everyone of you.

With much love!!

Nick, Jenny and Birk  :-)

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