Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I see the light....

So there was talk of a discharge today.....  HOWEVER, we made the decision to stop that talk.  Don't be confused, it isn't because Birk is doing bad, because its quite the opposite.  He is doing great.  Had a great night last night.  Kept his sat's between 97-99%.  Praise God!  He is eating good, although he is still recovering so he is fairly tired.  That is normal.  We decided to stay one last night due to insurance.  We have already been pre-approved for an inpatient procedure for his scope tomorrow and if we change it now we would need pre-authroization and depending on how long that take that might hold us up and the procedure would be delayed.  The doctor did give us the best gift for today though.  We get a pass out to take the kids some place fun!  Yeah!  After naps we are headed to the aquarium and then to the Festival of Lights at the zoo.  The kids are so pumped and we are delighted to get to do something fun as a family after the last 3 weeks of our lives (Well, truthfully the last 2 months, and even the last 2 1/2 years).

Today I rejoice in miracles.  When I start to ever doubt that things happen for a reason I need to remember where we are at today.  All the waiting, all the praying, all the fears, all the is worth it.  God gives us a life that we get to experience all of this and in the end we are stronger for it and hopefully have a life long relationship with our King.  Man, what a gift!!!

Please rejoice with me today for the miracles in our own life.  If you think you haven't experienced any miracles take a closer look.   Look at the people in your life, they are there for a reason.  Look at your kids, there is a reason you were picked to be their parent.  Look at your faith, there is a reason God chose YOU!

Merry Christmas week to all. :-)

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