Friday, December 16, 2011

The tube is out!!!

We went to the OR about 7:30 this morning.  The nurses took him to the OR and Nick and I went to the waiting area.  I immediately sat down and looked up and saw this women reading her bible (mouthing each word she read).  I bowed my head and just asked God to take this from me.  I will do the work that needs to be done for Birk, but this is his will.  He has guided us through this since day one (while at times I didn't see that).  About 20 minutes later we hear on the intercom "Family for Birks Robertson" and I take a deep breath. We proceed into Room 2 where Dr. Johnson, Dr. Cotton and Crystal our Nurse Practioner come into the room.  THe first words out of Crystal's mouth were "everything looks great."  Dr. Cotton then said "the tube is gone and he is breathing on his own."

We spoke awhile about the future.  We go back for one more MLB (scope) next Thursday and from what we've been told if everything looks good we might (and a BIG MIGHT) get released back to Iowa.  Can you even imagine?!?   We aren't getting our hopes up, but just praise the Lord that he is doing as well as he is right now.  We sort of feel like we are waiting for the ball to drop for the first complication (Other than the sedation issues)...  We relish in the good right now and just prepare ourselves for the challenges that MAY be ahead.  Hopefully he does great!!

Today I thought i would add my own prayer to the end of my post (I've also had some questions on my knowledge of the bible since I've been putting bible verses at the end of each...while I do read my bible and have been reading it often this week I'm not an expert...I  use google at times  :-)  ).

Dear God,
Thank you!  Thank you for the life that you have given to me.  Thank you for the challenges that you have presented with me and how you used those to show me the good that this life has to offer.  Thank you for the children that I get the privilege of raising.  What a blessing they have been to my life and what joy they bring to me.  I will do my best to continue to serve you and demonstrate the Holy Spirit through Grace and love!  

In Christ's name I pray!  

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