Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Picture dump

I read a blog where the blogger decided instead of a post they would just provide a picture dump to update readers (my few and very loyal)!  So here you go....   Here is a picture dump of stuff we've had going on.
This is our 'Shoe Carnival'.  Our new deck area is an Oasis.....

Can you see the happiness in this guy?

New Pergola

Baseball is Life for this little guy.....

I love this kid. 

Last Blast Ball game of the season.  Go Bearcats! 

VBS Program 2013.  Birk and Addy are right in the middle down front. 

New swimming pool

I realize this is kind of a weird picture, but we took Birk in for some allergy testing... We were hoping to try and rule out allergies regarding his cough!  

A little Ankeny Unplugged Chalk fun! 

Grandma Robertson came to visit and made us Hamburger Cupcakes.  

Easter in photos

I realize its now 'SEVERAL' months later, but wanted to share some of our families Easter pictures!!  I tried to upload this post a while ago and just noticed that it was saved as a draft...  Clearly I don't stay up to date with my blog.

He is still Risen!!

First year of soccer @ AFUMC

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Special little 4 year old moments

As I was dropping the kids off at VBS for their first night we walked into the classroom and I turned around and noticed that Addy was a little bit sad and scared looking. She started to cry a little and Birk ran right up to her. She looked at him and said “Birky, will you take care of me cause I’m sad?” To which he responded “Of course. We’re a team!”

He then took her hand and they found a seat.


While driving to VBS on night 2 we were listening to the radio and the song Janie’s got a gun comes on. We are trying very hard to leave guns out of our house so I quickly went to turn the radio down, but I was too late. Addy says to me from the back seat… “Mom, why does Jenny have gum?” Ahhhh…. The innocence of 4 year olds.


Monday, June 10, 2013

Great Grandpa Robertson

A few years ago Nick was gifted an old uniform his Grandpa wore in WWII.  With my Mom, sister, and Brother in law's help we managed to put this uniform in a shadow box.  Nick found it and pulled it out to show a friend and the kids wanted try on the hat.  I, of course, took some pictures.

So, in honor of Great Grandpa Robertson .... we salute!


Is crazy.  It's messy, it's hard, it's busy, it's exciting, it's fascinating and it's wonderful.  My blogging life, however, is clearly non-existent.  Sorry about that.

Things in the Robertson household have been insane.  The kids have been playing Blast ball on Saturday mornings, soccer on Tuesday's nights, followed by swim lessons last week and this week.  Plus our weekends have been jam packed with fun with family and friends.  We have had the opportunity to celebrate to celebrate Grandma Robertson's retirement, Mother's Day in Omaha and went to visit my dad in Marshalltown for Memorial Day weekend.  Nick and I ran the Dam to Dam, and I attempted to run a 1/2 marathon last weekend.  That's a story for another blog... titled, the only race I didn't complete.  Ugh.

Here are some pictures to sum up the last few weeks of life at the Robertson's.

Happy Summer (hopefully I didn't just jinx the weather and it will remain cold/rainy).