Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday's Clinic Visit

So today we finished our drive to Cincinnati and had a clinic visit with Dr. Boesch.  We have gone into this week.  We have hope that it will be time, but we don't want to be crushed like we were in April. Some good things have happened though.  When we got to the office today we did notice that it was incredibly busy.  We decided to occupy our time playing games on the iPad, dancing in the waiting room and watching some movies on the TV.  When the Dr. noticed we were still in the waiting room he quickly went back and got us a room and saw us.  That was very heartwarming for us to see as know we know that they know our sweet little man.  They care for him and they care for us.  The doctor did a great job of not allowing us to get our hopes up like he did back in April.  He was just as sure in April as we were....this time we are just going in to check.  That does help us quite a bit.

Tomorrow will again bring a wave of emotions for us.  As we watch our little man fall asleep and go in for this scope we are yet hopeful, but know that we have to practice patience.  This team of doctors is beyond amazing and they care so much for each and every patient they take on.  We feel so comfortable here in Cincinnati, we feel so confident in the team who is going to be helping our son.  What an amazing experience to be able to work with them.

Nick and I also spent some time at dinner tonight talking about all the kids we've seen since coming to this hospital.  We still find it strange that we are awe struck when we see a kid with a Trache.  There are times when I look around and I just feel sadness at this place.  There are so many kids and families who deal with so much.  Kids who will have LIFE LONG challenges that they will need to tackle.  What I try to remind myself of is that this is not a place of sadness.  This is a place where God shows us the miracles that he can perform.  He can give us the opportunity to learn how to treat and heal children who have these challenges.  He also shows us the innocence that a child can bring.

It makes me remember our first visit in the summer of 2009.  We were about to get on the elevator and I was feeling quite a bit sorry for myself.  As we were about to get on the elevator I looked down and saw this beautiful girl who had the baldest head and the biggest set of blue eyes.  She looked at me and in her best southern accent said "nice to meet you ma'am."  Instantly I took a step back and asked myself 'What do I have to feel sorry for?"  That little girl might have to battle that ugly disease for many years, or she may lose her battle to that illness.  I am amazed every time I set foot in this building.  Cincinnati Children's is a wonderful place and has a wonderful team of doctors/nurses.  I'm excited (and nervous) for what tomorrow will bring.  We continue to pray for the good news that we need for Birk.  :-)

You're prayers, visits, texts, emails and Facebook messages are so meaningful to us.  Please know that they don't go unread/un-noticed.  God Bless You!


We also talked to Addy via face time tonight.  What a blessing to have the technology when we can't be with her.  I'm so happy to report she is happy and is being spoiled by her Aunt Jodi, her Woo, her cousins and her Uncle Greg.  :-)  We miss her terribly, but we are glad that she is well taken care of.

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  1. Praying for all of you and always hoping for the best! Love you guys!

    The Pieper family!