Sunday, August 14, 2011

SON day

So, this is the week that I feel like I've been dreading and waiting for at the same time.  We leave tomorrow after work for that lovely 9 hour drive back to the Children's hospital in Cincy!  I'm feeling like maybe I'm putting a lot of hope into this trip as we are all ready (Birk included) to start living a Trach free life, but am also wondering how am I going to REALLY feel when I hear those words 'he's ready.'  Will I be excited?  Will I be scared?  Will I cry?  Likely all of the above.

So, my post is about the SON today.  I am putting my full faith in him.  He has Birk in his wings and knows what is best for my little dude.  There is a reason for everything.  I do love when I hear people say 'it's a God thing', it is making me wonder...will this week happen to turn into a God thing?

As much as I've focused on Birk and our trips to Ohio I'm also reflecting on what this means for Addy.  A little girl who might be away from me (and/or her Daddy and brother) for a few days/week at a time when surgery comes.  What that will feel like for her?  What if we bring her to the hospital will she be there to help Birk heal and recover?  Her spirit is so huge these days...that it might just be a little too much (or a little too loud) for the residents of Cincinnati Children's Hospital!  :-)

So my prayer tonight is selfish.  I pray for good news this week.  I pray our trip is quick and not so boring.  I pray Birk does great.  I pray Addy has fun with my mom.  I pray that what is supposed to happen...does.


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