Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tune Time -- "Wouldn't Change a Thing"

I feel that I often blog so much about the children (ok, lets be honest when I say so much....I blog occasionally), but fail to talk about the rest of the aspects of my life.  I have a great family, fabulous friends, a wonderful job and now a new home with great neighbors.  I also have the love of a man that is more than I feel I deserve at times.  When I heard this song by Matthew West it made me smile and feel very much affected by the message.  I know there are times where things don't go my way, kids are screaming, we have health issues, my husband doesn't help as much as I'd like....but would I change it?  No.  Not for a second.  Days are filled with laughter, tears, messes, hugs, mooches and plenty of fun to go around. To steal the line from Baby Mama "It's messy, but great"   I hope someday to be sitting on a beach holding my husband's hand and look over and say "I wouldn't change a thing!" 

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