Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday's Favorites

I know I've said it over and over, but this week is very special to us.  We've waited along time to hear those words that Birk is ready for surgery.  Man, it means a whole new world for our little guy....  I think that is by far my favorite moment this week.  As soon as I heard those words my eyes filled with tears and I began to cry.  The doctor then gave me one of those looks like "I know!  You make my job worth it."  As he left he shook my hand and looked into my eyes.  Then Dr. Cotton (who is the lead surgeon on the team and the best in the world and also who doesn't like to touch other people) patted me on the back!  In those moments I knew that this team wasn't just about operating on was about KIDS!  They care about these children.  They want them to live normal lives and have a chance!  I was moved to tears again. I'm sure I looked like a fool, but at that moment I just didn't care.  My son meant something to a team of doctors who have seen thousands of kids and they saw in me (hopefully) what it meant that they have the knowledge and the know how to do what they do.  

I'm sure they will never read this blog, but this week YOU are my favorite.  Thank you for investing in the lives of children.  Thank you for making this your mission.  It involves long days, time away from your families and I'm sure so much stress I can't even imagine.  But what you provide for these children and for their families is remarkable.  My thankfulness to them will be eternal.  You are giving my son a chance at normal.  We have tried our best to create normal for him, but I do see the looks, the stares and I know there are questions.  

This will soon hopefully be a distant memory!!!  

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