Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Are you kidding me?

So my daycare lady calls me today to tell me that Addy had a bit of a fall this morning (nothing out of the ordinary) and that you would have though her leg was cut off with a butter knife at the drama she was causing.  However, a few hours later it appeared her ankle was swollen and she wasn't letting down about her 'owie.'  So I called the dr., they squeezed us in and off we went DURING NAP TIME for our appt.  It turns out she twister her ankle, but they also noticed she was walking in a funny way.  She wasn't putting her full weight on her foot and grabbing at her thigh/hip.  Turns out something her joints in her hip are a bit swollen.  Something fairly common in kids.  Transient Synovitis is the full name of what she has.  Nothing major and is only treated w/ motrin to reduce the swelling.  I'm supposed to take her back if the pain persists and motrin doesn't help.  So, my question is, with as dramatic as Addy is and how she still holds onto 'owies' she got weeks ago, how will I know if this is getting better?  :-)

Needless to say her nap was not that great and she is quite the delight tonight (note the sarcasm here).  Lets hope for her 2 year old hip joints to stop swelling soon!

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