Friday, December 28, 2012

Why do people do bad things?

On Christmas evening we got a call from my mom's neighbor in Waterloo that her house had been broken into.  We left the day after and all headed up there to assess the damage and start cleaning up.  It wasn't so much the window that was broken, the TV that was missing, the beds that were messed up or EVEN the jewelry that they stole (my parents wedding rings, a mother's ring, and a gold bracelet that my dad had given to my mom), but merely the invasion of her security ... and her home.  These criminals were in her house, AND in her room!  They took much more than just the things they got away with, but they took someone's level of comfort in their own house.

What is wrong with people?  Why do they make these decisions that deliberately hurt others.  They had to have known that stealing those rings would mean pain for the owner of that home.  When they stomped their foot through the chest in my moms room (which happen to be a piece of furniture that my dad had bought my mom before they were married) would be painful to come home and find.

What I struggle to understand is how people can be driven to make such hurtful decisions.  No matter how much those jerks took from my mom and our family on Christmas morning what I do know is that God is with us and will get us through this.  The birth of his precious son Jesus is something they can't stop us from celebrating.

So, to the punks who broke in, stole things, and hopefully are in jail  Story on the punks we suspect did this ... Merry Christmas!

I hope you got everything you wanted.  I know I did (a family both here and far and the love of a savior)!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Friday, December 14, 2012

Anniversary of our new normal

**This post was supposed to be posted on 12/8/12 **

I posted this  last year on the 8th There are no words and I have to say it was my most widely read blog post since I started this blog in 2009. For those of you that followed our journey this was all supposed to start on November 7th, but due to some complications we were sent back home and the surgery was rescheduled for December 8th. I left Cincy that day feeling so dejected. I was sad. I was mad. I felt bad that my mom, my mother in law drove from Iowa and my sister brought her family from North Carolina. What a waste. However, God had different plans. During the month of November as we prepared Birk for surgery I felt God nudging me telling me … “this will be the right time. Just be patient.” Turns out, he does know what he is doing." December 8th. Birk had surgery. Turned out to be so successful, the surgery itself was shorter than they planned, everything “could not have gone better” (according to Dr. Cotton), and his recovery was shorter than what we had planned. We were home in time for Christmas last year.

Since his surgery Birk has continued to amaze us. He suffered through a series of ear infections the beginning of 2012, but once spring hit he blossomed. In fact, we had an illness free summer! Birk started to love the water (after being so afraid to even take a bath). He spent his summer playing football, swimming, sleeping in a big boy bed, sleeping in his room without a baby monitor right next to his face, and we could go anywhere without a suction machine. To say I’m amazed is an understatement.

I would never have wished this journey on anyone, but I have to be honest that I wouldn’t change anything about what we went through (well, maybe I’d change a few things …. Like finding Birk not breathing in the back of my Jeep at 5 months old). Being a Mommy (and I’m sure a Daddy) to a child that has a “special need” like Birk had taught me so many things. I have learned that life is precious in ANY fashion. Just because someone, specifically a child, has something that may seem limiting doesn’t mean they are limited. We were once told Birk would never talk, he would never walk … look at him today! He and his sister are miracles in every sense of the word!

What do I have to complain about?!?

This morning on my way to work after dropping off the kids I was driving on a downtown road and I saw a bike with a couple wagons tied up behind it. They were filled to the top with pop cans. Upon further examination I noticed a man (or woman) sleeping on the park bench next to his bike holding onto the tire and covered in a thin blanket. I sat at this red light until the person behind me honked their horn for me to go just staring at this.

You see, I complain quite often about things. Sometimes I feel like it’s a talent that I have. Seriously though, I’ll complain because the Diet Mountain fountain pop mixture isn’t very good at the Casey’s closest to my house. I’ll complain because the brand of toilet paper they have on sale isn’t my favorite and I have to spend the extra few bucks to get what I “like.” I’ll complain because my kids are wrestling and running around and being loud and I’ve had a long day at work. I’ll complain because my laundry is building up and I have so much “work” to do around my house! Who am I kidding here?

~ I have enough money to afford me luxuries like a fountain pop from a gas station. Why is it bad if it isn’t 100% to what I think it should be like?

~ I have enough money to actually afford toilet paper, no matter what brand is chosen. Why am I so picky on brand? Some people don’t have any…

~ I have the greatest kids I could have ever dreamed of. If they are happy, being loud, loving each other … why is this bad?

~ I have a good job that allows me to provide for my family. I may be tired at night, but it shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing.

~ I have a BEAUTIFUL home that is LIVED in by a wonderful family. Cleaning it up should remind me just how blessed I am to have a roof over my head. Vacuuming up crumbs should remind me that we had that delicious meal. Picking up toys should also remind me that happiness and love lives in this home!

During this Christmas season I know I’m not going to be able to forget that image that I saw this morning. It’s what I do now that makes the world of difference. I want to use this time of year to continue teaching my kids the value of what we have, not just what we want or expect. Because one day we could be that person on the park bench or know someone who is.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Month of Thankfulness

Well I failed miserably and posting throughout November on ALL THE THINGS I’m thankful for. I even failed on facebook …. However I am so very thankful for SO MUCH in my life that I thought I would take time on this Monday morning to make a list of the things that I am so grateful for!

Let’s do this David Letterman Style…

Top 10 things Jenny Robertson is thankful!

10. I have a beautiful home that I get to decorate for each holiday, tuck my kids in each night, cook our family meals, host holiday celebrations and create many years of memories.

9. I am thankful for the group of friends that I have. I have some of the most amazing girlfriends a girl could ask for, we have a solid group of couple friends that bring us so much joy and we have so much fun with and for the last 3 years I’ve met some amazing moms who I have become very close friends with.

8. That I have a job that I feel valued at, that I feel like I could be good at and that helps me support my family in the way I want to. That my kids have a hot meal to eat, they have warm beds, and they have fun toys and things for us to do! There are days I wish I could stay home, but knowing what I am providing for them by working (and providing myself) brings me great joy!

7. That I can run. Running is a drug for me. I get such a runners high after a great run. I love that I feel better, eat better, my clothes fit better when I am actively running. I also love that my kids are getting to a good age that I can run while they play in the basement or soon they can ride their bikes while I go for an outside run.

6. I am thankful to have married a wonderful man who has given me a wonderful 2nd family.

5. I am thankful for Diet Mountain Dew (fountain pop). Enough said on that one.

4. I am thankful for my iPad and Netflix. I know it may seem dumb, but it has gotten me through some pretty boring runs on my treadmill. For that, I’m thankful!

3. I am thankful for music. I love music in so many forms. I love to play piano, watch my husband play drums and guitar, watch my children sing and dance, sing as loud as I can in the van and just the feeling I get when I hear a song that moves me. Music is such a blessing to our family.

2. I am thankful for my kids. I am so blessed to have them in my life, to be their Mommy and watch them grow up. There are days that are so very hard and challenging (especially at 3 years old), but the good days outnumber the bad and it makes every moment worth it!

1. I am so very thankful that I have God who loves me unconditionally, forgives me for my wrong doings and still blesses me in so many ways that I can’t even begin to count.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Interview #2 (Mommy)

Disclaimer: Please pay no attention to my clothes, hair or generally how I look!

Monday, November 26, 2012


So I've decided to join the "Vloging world".

Actually it is for semi selfish ways. I would love to hear my dads voice so much and figured that someday my kids might be in the same boat.  At one point growing up we sat my parents down and video taped them as we asked them a series of questions.  TO this day, none of know where that video is at, and that makes me sad.  I LOVE when my mom and dad would tell us about their childhood, favorite things or anything to give me a glimpse into their lives ....  so this Vloging gives me a chance to provide that for my kids!!

So I apologize to anyone who thinks this stuff is boring.... Here is our first VLOG.   :-)

Let me introduce you to Introduction to Daddy Nick ... VLOG style!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

My 3 favorite men

My husband Nick

My son Birk

My Dad. (the hat Nick is wearing belonged to my dad and is one of my favorite things of my dad's. In fact I have never let anyone wear it).


I love Reunions.  I love seeing people I haven't seen in a long time, I love catching up, I love thinking about the past and the impact that people have had on my life.

A reunion is just what we did this weekend.

About 7 years ago Nick was in a band named innerElement.  This was a group of 5 guys who were some of the most talented musicians I have ever met.  They played often, practiced weekly and wrote some pretty awesome and incredible music.  This was such a fun time in our lives.  I LOVED being a band wife.  I love the band wives, the kids that were already born ....I love the whole thing.

Well, life changes and this band went their separate ways.  There have been a few of the guys that have stayed in touch (or still play together), but for the most part it was over.  However, what I love is that we were all able to get together (band members, wives and kids) and have the best time.  We got to meet some of the kids who have been born since we went out separate ways, we found out where people work, what's new in their lives and best of all .... we made New Year's plans!  I'm so excited to be in this groups's lives again.  They all have a very special place in my (and Nick's) heart.  We are blessed!

Thursday, November 8, 2012


One of my kids’ favorite books is a Bible book that goes through a series of major stories from the bible. What I love most is that they love to ask questions about these stories and it gives me an opportunity to tell them more about Jesus and the people from the bible. One of the stories is about Good Friday and the story of the Resurrection. In the picture of Jesus he has his hands open palms up and you can see scars on his hands. Every time we read it the kids’ faces get very solemn and they want to talk about these scars. I’ve done my best to try and tell them exactly what has happened without going to. far. We talk a lot more about how those scars remind us what Jesus went through and why he did what he did (in 3 year old terms).

Then the other night as we’re talking through this Birk looks at me and says “Mommy, I have a scar like Jesus” as he points to his throat.

I said to him “Yeah, buddy you do. “

He then says “It is there to always remind me that I had a Trache and Dr. Cotton helped fix me up so I can be a big boy.”

I just smiled at him and nodded my head and then…

Addy chimed in with “Yeah!!! Birky’s scars are just like Jesus’, so we can always remember.”
I’m so proud of who my little kids are becoming and how much they are growing up loving Jesus.

So Today I’m the MOST THANKFUL for Birk and Addy! I am also so thankful for the scars that we all have. They are there to remind us of where we’ve been, what we’ve been through and how strong we are to overcome! Addy was right, scars are great reminders of the strength and grace that God has given to all of us.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

November Thankfulness Day 1

I have decided to take part in the Thankfulness posts on Facebook again this year and thought it might be great for me to elaborate more here on this blog. 

Day 1:Today I’m thankful for the love of an amazing man, and 2 pretty incredible kids. I never would have pictured my life would turn out like this, but here I am! I wouldn’t change a thing! Blessed and thankful for sure!!!

So here is the thing.  I NEVER would have imagined I would be sitting here in a beautiful home in Ankeny, with my wonderful babies sleeping across the hall and a great husband practicing his guitar at our Church a few blocks away.  I have to tell you, this is the life.  I never thought I'd have a wonderful job with a great company, I never thought I'd have the faith in God that I do.  I never thought Nick and I would have encountered some of the challenges that we have, I never thought we would have overcome and witnessed the miracles that we have.  For every great thing that has happened to me, every bump in the road that we've driven over ... I am so grateful.  

So I guess today I am just thankful!  :-)  

Friday, October 26, 2012

Vacation Fun

We had the fortunate opportunity to take our first official family vacation!  We traveled a few years ago to Raleigh, North Carolina to visit my sister over Thanksgiving, but this was our first trip just the 4 of us that was a non family visiting trip!  :-)  I have to say .... we had A BLAST!

Nick had to be in the Wisconsin Dells for a work trip and he invited us to go with him.  He had some work 1 day to do so the kids and I hung out.  It was 3 days filled with great memories and LOTS of kid fun!  Here is my first batch of pictures!  :-)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Little Boys vs. Little Girls

I realize it has been quite some time since I've posted an "update" on the twins so I thought tonight would be as good as any.

Birk is a WILD, crazy, full of energy, Baseball loving, football loving, sports of any kind loving, IOWA STATE CYCLONE loving fan.  From the minute he wakes up he is ready to go! He has officially learned how to put his potty and poppy in the toilet and wears underwear all day long.  He is also very smart and loves to read books, work on his counting, and sing his ABC's.  He loves to watch movies and spend time with his cousins from Omaha.  Birk uses words like "Lasterday" to describe things he did "yesterday."  He still refers to "Cy" as "Yi" and also loves to do everything his Daddy does.  Birk has been in Sunday School for a little over a month now and also sings with the Little Cherubs at church.

Addy is also a WILD, crazy, full of energy, pink wear, girly girl type of kid.  She loves dolls, stuffed animals, ANYTHING with sparkles, and is very creative.  Addy is great at letting her imagination run wild and playing "house", "Doctor", or just about anything we will play with her.  Addy has also mastered going #1 in the potty, but it is a battle that we fight often when it comes time to go #2.  (If anyone reading this has any suggestions ... i'm all ears).  Addy loves to read and learn new things.  Some of her favorite stories are about Jesus and she is fascinated with Heaven.  She loves to read "Heaven is for Real" and talk about all the things that Colton saw when he visited.  Addy likes to make up her own words so if you are ever around her and you hear something like "shoshe" you can pretty much be sure it's Addy Grace.

Twin Stats:
Birks - 32 pounds
Addy - 30 pounds (sometimes 29 pounds)

Birks - No cavaties and does great at the Dentist
Addy - No cavaties and does great at the Dentist

Birk - Can spell Birk, Addy, Mom, Dad, Woo, Cy
Addy - Can spell Addy, Birk, Mom Dad, Woo, Cat

Birk - Can brush his own teeth, dress himself and undress himself.
Addy - Can brush her own teeth, dress herself and undress herself.

Ok, update post is over.  Thanks for following along!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kindness of strangers

A week or so ago we had a great potty training day (both kids went #2 in the toilet) so we made a special trip to Cherry Berry to enjoy some Frozen Yogurt. After we filled our cups got up to pay I realized my debit card was missing. I went out to the van to try and find it, but couldn’t. I was looking all around the van and in Cherry Berry, but found nothing. The twins had already started eating so the clerk behind the counter just said “this one is on us, just come back in sometime.” As embarrassed as I could be I didn’t think I had any other option. Then this wonderful man, whom had been sitting in the car next to my van with his wife, came in the store and came up to the counter and offered to pay for our treats. He handed the clerk money, which was clearly OVER what we owed. He looked at me and smiled and just said “this one is on me, please pay it forward to someone else.”

To say I was moved in an understatement. This was completely generous and it just made my heart happy. Since that point Nick and I have had multiple conversations about how we can pay it forward. What we can do for others who are in a similar situation. We agree on one thing … we WILL pay it forward, multiple times.

I am again amazed at how God puts people in your life to show you the kindness that he brings to us all.

SO to all reading this, I challenge you this week … do something nice for someone else. We don’t need a special day to buy someone lunch or a cup of coffee, or a frozen yogurt!  Do it because it’s kind. Do it because at some point I’m sure someone has or WILL do something kind for you!

God is good!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Color Run 2012

I think this video best speaks to our experience!!!  Thanks to the wonderful Nelson who took my camera and got some amazing shots of the day!

Had a blast with family both before and during the race!  What a great day!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Here we are again ...

Daddy-less for a few days.  Nick left today for the rest of the week in Houston.  He won't be back until Saturday afternoon.  He extended his trip to spend some time with his family down there.  This trip is bittersweet for me as he isn't really working all that much and going to be having a great deal of fun with some great family members.  For me, I'm still here in Ankeny 100% responsible for everything!  Don't get me wrong, I love my kids to death, love my job, love my house .... but after the last few weeks being a single parent I'm getting pretty burnt out.  I think my kids are even noticing this.  Tonight I picked them up from daycare and Sweet Birk said to me, "Mom, can we just have the big M for dinner (a.k.a. McDonald's) so you don't have to cook?"  To which I gratefully accepted and pulled in for them.  Then I found out it was .99 Chicken Nugget Happy Meal day!  Man, I couldn't have picked a better night!  Then we got home and I told the kids I was running upstairs to throw a load of laundry in and put on my running clothes and Addy ran up the stairs and started to empty the dryer for me.  Could I have any better kids?  Geez!

So while I'm still having a bit of a pitty party, I'm also incredibly grateful that I get this 1-1 time w/ the twins.  I truly thought tonight would be so much work and I would be in a foul mood and amazingly I was able to have some pretty incredible moments tonight.

So, I'm off to finish watching Super Readers and then read some Bible stories with the kids.

Hope everyone's week is going great!

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Birk (as he is climbing into bed with me on Wednesday morning around 6:45am) "Mom, where is Daddy?"

Me: "You know he is on his work trip."

Birk:  "Oh that's right.  He is in Chicken?"

Me: "Uh, where?"

Birk (sitting up at this point) "Mom!  I don't know where he is going next, but it sounds like Chicken!!"

Me:  "Oh, you mean he is in Michigan!"


The weather is turning colder, football is in full swing, leaves are changing and we had soup from a crock pot tonight for dinner.   What a wonderful life!  We've been quite busy lately.  So, here is a short summary of some of the things that have kept us as busy as we are.

  • Nick has traveled quite a bit.  He has been all the way from Florida to Michigan.  He leaves again this week for Houston.  I'm hoping (for my sanity) this is the last trip of 2012.  We just operate better when he is around. 
  • Addy had her 1st ER visit this past week.  She slipped on a volleyball and suffered from a minor concussion.  What a scary deal.  
  • We have become a Cyclone Tailgating family.  For the record, I LOVE THE HAWKEYES.  I always will.   But, I also love tailgating with my family and watching some college sports.  So, unless the two are playing each other ... I do love both teams.  
  • We got to head up to the farm this weekend and go for tractor rides, play football in the HUGE yard, play in the dirt and collect rocks.  Can you even think of anything more fun that that?  
  • Birk and Addy are in a young children's music group called, Little Cherubs, at our church.  They are loving it (for the most part).  They are still a little tentative when it comes to interacting with the other kids, but are doing better each week.  They also started Sunday School this month.  They are REALLY loving that!!!  

Here are a few photos to capture some of these awesome moments.

Long sleeves and flip flops.  Awesome part of Fall!  

Fun Cousin pictures. 

Kid giggles!  

Afternoons' on the farm. 

Collecting Rocks!  

Walks with Grandma.  

Mommy Hugs!  

Tractor Rides with Grandpa!  

Setting the ball up for Dad to kick!  

"I love football." 

Too much fun! 


I love this kid.  

and this one! 
This was Addy being silly @ the ER.  This was right about the time she started to feel better.  

My greatest accomplishment(s).  :-) 

He is riding fast! (check out his hair).  

Hope you are enjoying Fall about as much as we are!