Friday, December 28, 2012

Why do people do bad things?

On Christmas evening we got a call from my mom's neighbor in Waterloo that her house had been broken into.  We left the day after and all headed up there to assess the damage and start cleaning up.  It wasn't so much the window that was broken, the TV that was missing, the beds that were messed up or EVEN the jewelry that they stole (my parents wedding rings, a mother's ring, and a gold bracelet that my dad had given to my mom), but merely the invasion of her security ... and her home.  These criminals were in her house, AND in her room!  They took much more than just the things they got away with, but they took someone's level of comfort in their own house.

What is wrong with people?  Why do they make these decisions that deliberately hurt others.  They had to have known that stealing those rings would mean pain for the owner of that home.  When they stomped their foot through the chest in my moms room (which happen to be a piece of furniture that my dad had bought my mom before they were married) would be painful to come home and find.

What I struggle to understand is how people can be driven to make such hurtful decisions.  No matter how much those jerks took from my mom and our family on Christmas morning what I do know is that God is with us and will get us through this.  The birth of his precious son Jesus is something they can't stop us from celebrating.

So, to the punks who broke in, stole things, and hopefully are in jail  Story on the punks we suspect did this ... Merry Christmas!

I hope you got everything you wanted.  I know I did (a family both here and far and the love of a savior)!

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