Friday, December 12, 2014

Our sweet 1 pounders are now in Kindergarten!!!!!

How is this even possible?

August 14th was their first day.  I was a mess.  I was so worried they wouldn't get on the bus, worried they would be scared, worried that they would hate it....

However, I was 100% TOTALLY wrong.  They LOVE it.  They Love Mrs Murkins, their fabulous teacher.  They love their new friends and they LOVE riding the bus to school.  We've been able to get to know more friends in the  neighborhood too which has been such a blessing.  Even more reason we adore where we live.

For now, I have pictures to share from their first day and first few weeks.  I will post their Kindergarten interviews soon (I promise).


Is it possible that the last time I posted a blog was in 2013?  Wow.  So much has happened in 2014...where do I begin.  Let's start with some bullet points.

  • Birk and Addy turned 5 on March 17th
  • Birk and Addy graduated Preschool in May 2014.  
  • We surprised them with a trip to Disney at the end of June/early July.  It was amazing....  We met Cinderella, all the characters, stayed on property.  We're already planning our next trip there. 
  • Birk and Addy played on the same T-Ball team this summer.  Nick was their coach.  They loved playing on the Rangers.  
  • Nick played the State Fair with Risen this summer.  It was a rainy day, but still had a great crowd.  What a great way to Worship Jesus.  
  • We started the big Kindergarten in August.  They are loving their teacher, riding the bus, and all their new friends. 
  • We attended as many ISU football games this year as we could.
  • Addy started gymnastics in September.  After only 4 classes she was advanced to the next level.  She loves it and is doing so great. 
  • Addy also got glasses in December.  She is so excited and looks so adorable.  They are just corrective so we're hoping it only lasts a few years.  
  • Birk loves playing basketball and did great in the Skills-n-Drills program through our church.  He will join a Rec team this January.  
  • I'm still working from home LOVING my job.  Wells Fargo has been so good to me.  I can't complain.
  • Nick is still at Principal and loving what he is doing.  Because of his role he got to be in San Antonia this year and take me to Puerto Rico in May.  We met some amazing friends on that trip and are currently planning our next beach vacation to celebrate..... 
  • Nick and I celebrated 10 years of Marriage on 11/20.  (Hence, the reason for the beach vacation).  
That's a very high level summary of our year.  Next post... the picture dump from 2014... Stay tuned.