Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Potty Training 101

Has officially begun.  At daycare they seem to be working towards progress, but I feel like I'm failing at home.  They have had some successes, but man... not as many as I would like to see!  We are using pull ups most of the time and Nick and I both have decided that we think we need to just bite the bullet and let them wear underwear to see if the feeling of "wet" or "worse" would help motivate them to use the potty.  They have proven to be able to hold "it" as they are waking up from naps dry and traveling and get there dry....

I do have to admit that I am scared of potty training.  I am scared of failing at this.  I'm scared that I am not doing it right.  I'm scared that the kids will never be out of diapers!  Hopefully I'm not alone. I look around and see other parents of 2 year olds that their children are using the potty full time...and we are not.  Yuck.

So, needless to say I could use some good thoughts on this adventure.  Good thoughts that the good Lord will bless me with the knowledge to figure this part of parenting out.  Also, anyone reading who has any good advice on this would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!


  1. OK heres my experience...take it for what its worth. I tried the pull-ups. Didnt work. Finally gave in ad put Evan in big boy undies for the weekend. He peed in every pair and finally somewhere along the weekend it clicked and we hadnt looked back! Now...pooping? Other story altogether! He pooped once in the potty and he FREAKED! Then he started holding it to the point of severe constipation. Had to push Miralax, suppositories, prune juice and try to catch him. It was always a plus to ask him to "try and toot" which usually got a laugh.

    Now, Jacob? I thought it would be easier with his big brother to watch but he shows NO interest and could walk around all day in a 40lb diaper and pee out his pants and not have a care in the world. He also will "shake out the poop" out the side of his diaper if it gets too uncomfy. Hes gonna be a problem I think. Ill be lucky if hes potty trained by 30 :/

  2. Jen (and Amanda!), My best advice....don't stress about it. Sure, diapers, pullups and the rest are a pain but they will do it when they are ready. I thought my kiddos would never catch on! They were both well in to their 3rd year.
    PS. automatic flushing toilets are SCARY! :)