Saturday, February 4, 2012

We thought we would escape it...

BUT, when you live in Iowa you can't escape the snow!!!  And I have to be the first to admit that I'm sure glad we didn't.  This morning I asked the kids if they wanted to go outside and play in the now.  The answer was a unanimous YES! So, we spent about 10 minutes getting all of our snow gear on and outside we went.  It was a bit chilly and the snow was coming down fairly heavy.  It was beautiful.  We made a snowman, we made snow angels and had a snow ball fight.  After about 45 minutes we decided that it was time to warm up so we trucked inside.  It was so worth the giant pile of wet clothes I have in front of our door (waiting to be hung up in case we go back is really snowing here today).

What an amazing gift that God gave our family today.  Some time to spend it together, having fun in one of the most beautiful seasons.  Winter.  You know the true gift that those of us here in Iowa have is that we always have something to enjoy AND something to look forward to.  So, let's take this day, week, month and play in the snow.  Build a snowman, go sledding or just go romp around in the snow.  For when Spring comes we will have new experiences we can enjoy as the leaves return and flowers start to bloom.

Thank you Lord for the magic that you gave us today.  I am so grateful!

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