Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Is very popular at our house this week.  On Sunday Birk was diagnosed with a double ear infection and today Addy was diagnosed.  Both kids are on Amoxicilian...

We are hoping for some sleep tonight as the past few nights have been rough.  I feel awful for the pain the kids have been going through and the horrible fevers that they are having to endure.

I do have to say when we got to the pharmacy this evening to pick up Addy's prescription and she saw it was was like the heavens opened up for her.  She was tickled "pink" that Dr. Andersen would get her pink medicine.  She dances around when she has to take it and keeps telling me it makes her feel "SOOOOOO much better!"

If only pink medicine would make me feel better some day!

Happy "almost" March!!  I cannot believe that it is already going to be March 1st, 2012 tomorrow.  I can't believe Birk and Addy are going to be 3!!!!!!!  3 years ago I was a giant water buffalo waddling around thinking to myself;  "man, I have a long time before these babies get here."  Little did I know that 17 days later I would become a mom.  I would get to experience the joys, the fears, and the constant blessing that these two bring to my life.  So tonight as I sit here feeling sad that the kids are going to be 3.  I'm sad they are growing up so darn fast.  I'm sad that I do miss each stage we've gone through (some were more exciting and fun than others...but I wouldn't trade any of it).   I'm also very grateful.
Grateful for every joy, every fear, and every blessing that I've been given.

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