Monday, February 20, 2012

Update on Appointment

Birk is doing great...both on the outside and on the inside.  They showed us some pictures of his airway and talked to us about how great he is and how happy they are with his progress.  He is doing so great, that he doesn't have to go back for a follow up appt for another 6 months.  6 MONTHS!!!!!!  What a blessing!  We are so proud of him.  We talked to one of the nurses there who was happily surprised and indicated to us that she has seen a handful of cases where they haven't made the patient come back every 3 months or even every month.  Birk is just continuing to show us that God is good.  God is using Birk to show us the miracles are possible.

While we are so happy with the news that we got today...the drive was, however, NOT FUN.  We arrived last night around 8pm.  Played some...went to bed...slept crappy (at least I did) up at 4am (CST).... got everyone to the hospital by 6am...had his out of town....stopped for on the road...and to my displeasure, I COULD NOT SLEEP in the car.  So you can imagine just how tired and exhausted Nick and I are.  The kids are also very much at that age where they do not enjoy being trapped for long periods of time in their seats.  It was sheer joy at times!  (Not so much!!!)

So I'll leave you with that.  We are more than happy to be home.  We are more than happy that Birk is doing as great as he is and continue to praise God for all the good that he has given to us.

I'm heading to bed.

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