Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My so called life ~

Well maybe our story isn't as dramatic or as enticing as the show "My So Called Life", which I hope you all watched at some point because its awesome.  If not, Netflix has them, watch it enjoy.....   :-)

Anyway ....

I realize it has been quite some time since I've posted an "updated" blog so I thought tonight would be a good opportunity!  Nick is off with a friend "fixing"and amp, kids are in bed, and I'm watching HGTV.  That might be the only update you need as this seems to be a regular evening schedule in our house.

Birks ~  Is a sweet, sensitive, baseball loving boy.  He has grown out of his fear of water, for the most part!  He loves to swim, jump into the pool, splash, slide down the slide into the water and torment his sister as much as he can.  Birk is an excellent counter these days and can get all the way to 20 without any help.  Birky has a heart of gold and is so conscience when he knows he has done something wrong or hurt someone's feelings .... unless it comes to wrestling with his dad.  Then the gloves are off.  :-)  Birk loves that his cousins Charlie and Gus are closer now and he can play with them on a more regular basis.

Adelyne ~ Is one of the smartest, biggest personality child I have ever met.  She is FULL of imagination and fun!  She is still very much in love with becoming a princess, but doesn't hesitate to get down and dirty when we are playing outside.  Addy is strong willed and does not hesitate to let you know when she is not happy, doesn't agree with what you are saying or is just plain P'd off.  However, she has a giggle and a smile that can light up any room.  Addy loves to read, color and do anything "art".  The kids are going to G'ma and G'pa Robertson's for almost a week this Friday and Addy keeps telling me how she can't wait to go to G'ma's classroom.  She knows she is going to get to do lots of fun things.

Both kids are actively working on potty training.  We are confident we won't be consistent enough to go to pre-school, but we've decided that is ok for now.  The pressure was becoming too much for all of us and we want to focus on fun this summer.  It will happen when it happens.  :-)  There might be some changes for the twins in the area of care givers.  I'll post more on that as soon as it is finalized.

We do go back to Cincinnati in August for our 6 month post operation check up for B man.  We are hoping and praying for continued good news.  We show no signs of anything troubling and hope the scope confirms this.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Just stuff

This video was taken a few weeks ago.  The kids are loving their pool and we spend as much time in there as we can.  We spend so much time out there, that even Daddy had to jump into the joy!!

The joys of potty training!!

We love Lexie!  We also love Barry for letting us tour the Fire Station, and getting to sit in a Fire Truck.  


Ankeny Summerfest 2012!!  

Mommy and Birk in the Fire Truck.

Thumbs up to this day!  

Up on top of the Fire Truck.  How lucky are we??

After a parade, a long nap, some yummy Summerfest food, some awesome rides at Summerfest ... we decided Dairy Queen was in order.  

This boy just makes me smile!  :-)

Hope you've had a blast this weekend.  I know we have, and we are lucky enough to still have one more day.  

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Guys Weekend

So when Nick decided to take a guys weekend in Wisconsin and Minnesota with his best friend I started thinking ... oh man, I'm in charge all weekend with no help!?!  Well little did I know we would end up having quite a bit of fun together.  Last night my sister joined me and we took the twins out for dinner and then to a Children's production of Dr. Seuss stories and songs.  THEY LOVED IT!  They were so good the whole time (and even left to put their potty in the toilet).  We had a delicious dinner at Arby's with bouncy fries and everything!  ;-)

This morning the twins woke up early and climbed into bed with me and three of us snuggled.  Well actually they watched Fresh Beat Band and I slept some more.  When we finally got up we all made scrambled eggs and sausage together and then filled up our pool.  They just went down for naps so I decided to upload some pictures of our fun time in the pool!!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Weekend of First's ~~ in Pictures

We have had a WONDERFUL weekend so far.  I took some pictures so you an see all the fun that we've had.  

Cool shades twins!  We had to get some sweet sunglasses for our night at the Lake!  :-)  

HOT summer nights!  Nothing beats a nice ice cream treat and happy kids!  

First Fireworks show!  (we were worried he would be scared, but this was the thumbs up he gave me to tell me he liked it).  

First fireworks with our neighbors.  These girls are AWESOME.  The twins adore them all.  

First painting job in the new home.  My nephew helped me paint a bunch of different things.  It was fun to hang out with him, and now our house looks pretty sweet! (PLEASE DISREGARD THE MESS).  

Bathroom paining job (in progress)

First stenciling project!  I think it turned out ok!  ;-) 

Kids bathroom 

FIRST BOAT RIDE! First life jacket, First time at the cabin/lake.  

"Baby" Max!  (who is not so much a baby anymore). 

First time driving a boat (Birk did too, but those pictures were on Nick's phone.  I'll upload those later).

First kids lake party!  


First time fishing.  

My precious little miracles.  This whole experience just made my heart happy!  What fun summer memories.  

Seriously.  Does it get much more awesome than this look on the face of a very happy little girl while she fishes?

First Golf Cart Rides around the lake.  

Thumbs up to our weekend of firsts!