Saturday, July 7, 2012

Weekend of First's ~~ in Pictures

We have had a WONDERFUL weekend so far.  I took some pictures so you an see all the fun that we've had.  

Cool shades twins!  We had to get some sweet sunglasses for our night at the Lake!  :-)  

HOT summer nights!  Nothing beats a nice ice cream treat and happy kids!  

First Fireworks show!  (we were worried he would be scared, but this was the thumbs up he gave me to tell me he liked it).  

First fireworks with our neighbors.  These girls are AWESOME.  The twins adore them all.  

First painting job in the new home.  My nephew helped me paint a bunch of different things.  It was fun to hang out with him, and now our house looks pretty sweet! (PLEASE DISREGARD THE MESS).  

Bathroom paining job (in progress)

First stenciling project!  I think it turned out ok!  ;-) 

Kids bathroom 

FIRST BOAT RIDE! First life jacket, First time at the cabin/lake.  

"Baby" Max!  (who is not so much a baby anymore). 

First time driving a boat (Birk did too, but those pictures were on Nick's phone.  I'll upload those later).

First kids lake party!  


First time fishing.  

My precious little miracles.  This whole experience just made my heart happy!  What fun summer memories.  

Seriously.  Does it get much more awesome than this look on the face of a very happy little girl while she fishes?

First Golf Cart Rides around the lake.  

Thumbs up to our weekend of firsts!  


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