Sunday, March 23, 2014

2014 Picture Dump

Since I can't seem to keep up with blogging a about my amazing kids/husband/life ... I figure I could at least get some pictures up here.  Here are some high level things that are going on....

1. ISU is now in the Sweet 16 of the NCAA tournament and my boys are beyond excited and play basketball ALL.THE.TIME.
2.  Birk is OBSESSED with Georges Niang of the Cyclones.  He talks about him all the time, always pretends he is Niang with playing bball, and can't get enough of watching it on TV.
3.  Addy loves to watch 19 kids and Counting with me.  We love that family.  We love how they raise their children and love the adventures that they have.  Addy also loves to be Michelle Duggar when playing with her dollies.  :-)
4.  The kids turned 5 on 3/17/14
5.  We learned to ride our new bikes we got at Christmas.  Next step .. .NO TRAINING WHEELS.
6.  We're surprising the kids with an amazing mystery trip this summer to shhhh..... DISNEY!  It will be our first time on a plane, and first time at the parks.  We're excited.
7.  I'm going to San Juan with Nick for a work trip.  I will be by myself for a big chunk of it. But, heck, I'll be at the beach.  How terrible is that.  :-)

Now ... for some pictures for your enjoyment.