Thursday, December 8, 2011

~~~ There are no words ~~

Other than it is in God's hands now.

We got here at 8:45 AM.  We went to Same Day Surgery pre-op and answered the usual questions, went through the usual gathering of the vitals and had the usual consultations.  However, there was something different this time.  Everything went smoothly.  Everyone thought he looked great and had high hopes for this surgery.  The best part was BIRK DID GREAT.  He had fun playing with Daddy and the Child Life Specialist and was very easy to work with.

We took him over to the OR about an hour late.  I held his sweet little body as he fell asleep and placed him on the OR bed.  Nick and I then went to the waiting room to grab a very necessary Diet Mountain dew and WAIT.  We didn't quite know what we were waiting for, but we knew we were waiting.  We thought maybe Dr. Cotton would call us back to say he wasn't ready....we thought maybe they would call us to tell us they were starting...we didn't know.

Then a familiar face arrived in the vending area.  Crystal who is the Nurse practitioner who has been in constant contact with us and worked with us since the beginning.  At this point she had no words, just gave us a thumbs up and came up and gave me a hug.  "He looks great.  It's a go" was all she had to say.  We discussed the time we would need to wait and then as she left she said " just pray now. It's in God's hands."

I have to be honest in that I'm not the most emotional person.  It is hard for me to cry in front of others, but I couldn't help it.  My head hit the table and I cried tears of joy, anxiety, peace, excitement and LOVE.  Love for a God who would give me the most precious human to take care of and love.  Love for God who would give the healing knowledge and power to the medical team so they can fix our special person and make him even more normal than he already is. we wait.  I will post as I know more, but for now, please rejoice in what the Lord has provided for us in this day.

"Rejoice in the Lord always...and again I say rejoice!"