Sunday, December 11, 2011

Just a matter of perspective ~~

At about 9:30pm tonight Nick and I decided we were slightly hungry, maybe more bored than anything so we were going to head down to the cafeteria for some crappy food and a short walk.  As I opened the door from the PICU to the waiting room a room full of tear filled young girl eyes looked at me in fear.  We made our way through to the elevators and headed downstairs.  We ate our food slowly hoping to not interrupt the group again.  As we got off the elevators on the 5th floor to return to our room we saw that this time they were all standing in a circle, holding hands and praying (with many, many tears).  We decided to stay near the elevator and join in the prayer with them.  It was the most powerful presence of Christ I have felt in quite some time.  We have no idea what is wrong with this young lady they are all here to support.  What we do know is she is loved.  She is loved enough that a group of people will cry for her healing and praise God for her life.  Each person took a turn to say something to God and the one that stood out to me went like this; "Please heal her.  However, let it be your will."  Then we stood for 20 seconds of silence.  I guess when this young lady prays she asks for 20 more seconds so she can just speak to God. 

We returned to our room humbled.  We continue our prayer for this young child of Christ tonight.  We pray for healing for her, and for her family.  We pray that if it is her time that God takes her into his arms painlessly and puts a sense of peace and Grace into the hearts of those in the waiting room tonight! 

In Christ I pray. 

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