Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 4 Update #2

We are surrounded by Grace.  I am amazed at how a situation like this brings people into your lives you never thought you'd have the chance to meet.  Here are a couple examples:


Raj is the attending here in the PICU.  For those of you like me who had no idea what an Attending was, it is the TOP DOG.  He manages all the Fellow's and the residents.  So basically if Raj says something...everyone responds.  Raj was the individual who saw my face yesterday morning as they were restraining Birk and came in to check on Nick and I.  Since that moment he has stopped several times to check on us and to make sure we feel the level of care Birk is getting is adequate and what is best for Birk.  The neat thing about Raj is that he not only cares about the medical aspect of what is going on, but the human aspect.  That we, as Birk's parents, feel that he is being well cared for and that he is comfortable and receiving the best care.  As a parent who would not want to trust their child under this person's care?  To make matters even better Raj stopped in this morning (only to our room...and not even on rounds) and just wanted to check in on us and saw Nick watching football (BIG SHOCKER THERE...I KNOW).  He started talking about Fantasy teams, favorite players etc.  In our entire medical history we don't remember another doctor who has tried to make that connection with us...  It means the world to us!!


Liz was a nurse that we had here in the PICU.  She was actually orienting another newer nurse all day yesterday.  It was evident that Liz knew her stuff and was so comforting to us.  As soon as we walked into the room yesterday she offered us a soda, breakfast, anything we needed.  Talk about nice!  Then throughout the day as things got hectic she took care of Birk first, but would always turn to me and remind me how normal what they were seeing and doing was and that he would be fine!  Then she told us a story towards the end of her shift.  Liz is a former survivor of an LTP operation (same surgery Birk had on Thursday).  She had a restricted small airway and was trached when she was 7 years old until she was 8.  She had the operation done here at Cincinnati Children's.  She then went on to tell us she was athletic, she is married, with kids...and has lead a normal life.  What a blessing to have someone who has been through this taking care of children going through this daily.  Man, thanks God for that!  :-)


This was a nurse/RT combo that we got to visit with, joke around with and have fun last night.  That was a much needed couple hours.  We shared videos of our children and pictures.  We talked about funny stories and laughed a good deal.  It was so refreshing to have someone (even at 1am-3am) just make you feel normal again for a short while.  We are so worried about Birk and glued to his every move so a break was pleasant.  They even went and found us a larger chair that turns into a bed so Nick and I didn't have to try and both sleep on a bed that is smaller than a Twin sized bed.

Addy Grace

This week it has also been a saving Grace to visit (even a small amount) with Addy.  Her sweet smile and innocence makes this easier.  We just can't wait to see her.  Last night we showed her, from a distance, Birk laying in his bed.  It didn't scare her terribly, but you could see the worry on her face for her brother.  In fact this morning she asked to see him and as she was looking at him one of his alarms went off.  Her eyes got a bit bigger and she said "uh, oh."  We reassured her he is ok, and she was ok with that!  :-)  Addy is full of sassy attitude and I thank God for making her the person she is!  I love you Addy!


There are no words this week that express my love for this little guy.  I am so beyond blessed to be his Mommy and cannot wait to get him out of this bed and see him move around and be the fast moving little boy he is.  He is stronger than anyone else I have ever met.  I love you Birk!

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