Wednesday, December 28, 2011

~~~~~ Christmas 2011 ~~~~~

We were able to spend Christmas in our HOME this year.  Here are some pictures of our wonderful day with family.  Merry Christmas!


Grandpa and Uncle Austin are watching Addy operate my iPhone.  That girl can run it better than I can!  

Yes!!  A Barbie camper to go w/ the Barbie Dream House she got!  One lucky girl this year.  

Happy Boy!!

Happy, Silly little Christmas girl.  

Most Sweet.  

Our little Cyclone playing his sister's piano.  

His new jersey like Daddy's.  

The QB! 

Can you tell what his favorite team is?!?!

Playing Cars with Uncle Austin.  

New sparkle shoes.  

They fit her personality.  :-) 

Birk got a remote control Mustang, similar to the one Santa brought Daddy.

We had to go outside and run our cars for a while.  We even did it in our PJ's.  

Nick even wore his slippers.  :-) 

Merry Christmas!!  ~~

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