Wednesday, December 21, 2011

~~So much fun~~

Is what we had today.  We thought we were going to be discharged today, but when we decided not to we were given a pass out.  We decided to try the Newport Aquarium.  It was well worth the money.  THe kids had a blast and it was nice to be a family again!  The aquarium offered us lots of fish to see, and even a shark tank that we could walk over and under and then see from the top.  It was amazing.  I'm not sure who had more fun....Nick or the twins!

We were going to try and see the Festival of Lights after, but the kids were very tired and we hadn't eaten dinner yet so we ventured back to the hospital.

Tomorrow is our scope at 11 EST.  We hope and pray for good results as that would potentially mean we would be back home for Christmas.  What a blessing that would be.  However, we aren't going to push it for Birk.

I also have a special prayer request tonight.  I don't know the name of this sweet baby or even his mom for that matter, but I do know that he is in the NICU here at Cincinnati Children's and she is from Storm Lake, IA.  She is a friend of a great friend of ours and by the Grace of God we ran into her today in the elevator.   We introduced ourselves, shared stories and even shed some tears.  She is a very heart broken and discouraged Mommy.  There isn't a lot of hope in her heart right not for her sweet boy, who is struggling and who will likely be trached.  Please pray for healing for him.  Pray for his family that God will comfort them and hold him in his palm, as he did for Nick and I when we went through that dark NICU time.

If I ever run into this sweet lady again I will remember to tell her something a friend told us when Birk and Addy were in the NICU; "What He brings you too, He will bring you through."


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