Saturday, December 10, 2011

~ Pictures of Birk during his ICU visit 12-10-11 ~

Day after surgery.  Nice and sedated!  

Daddy "mooches" make everything better.  

Before he had the PIC line put in this is what his sweet feet looked like.  

Birk had a bath this morning.  He was nice and rested for a short while....

Here are the arm restraints that we have to use!  :-(  He hates these so much.  

Mommy and Daddy spent WAY TOO MUCH money on Lightning McQueen and  Mater in the giftshop on surgery day, but they are taking good care of Birk.  It was $$ that was well spent in our opinion! 

Here is all of our "junk."   :-)  

Friends is a staple on the TV for us.  It makes us laugh ~~  which is a blessing at times during the day.  

McQueen and Mater are looking over Birk for us.  :-)  I love this picture.  

Here I am trying to keep Birk's head still.  Here is the beginning of one of our 45 minute sessions of trying to sedate B man.  

He is a strong little man and it takes several people to hold him down at times!  

Pray for peace and rest for him!  

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