Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 3 Update # 1

We made it to the 2nd day post op.  Overall Birk is doing ok.  He is pretty sedated MOST of the time.  Some good news we got was that they lowered his dose of pain medicine.  We were at a level 5 which is the MAX and if he was requiring more we would have had to move to Morphine.      Last night he was doing so good they made the decision to begin backing him down (and watching him to see if he would tolerate that).  He moved to a level 4 and so far has been doing good.  Had a couple bouts with some aggression, but calmed down nicely.  Nick stayed with him until about 2am so was there for these episodes.  I'm sure it was nice for him to have Daddy there! 

We got a call this morning about 10am EST from the Dr. letting us know that he needed to put a PIC line in.  His IV's are going bad and they need to be proactive this with this as he receives his sedation and pain medication through them so if we lose them...he could be in trouble.  I consented to this and rushed down there (We tried to sleep in a bit this morning...try picturing Nick and I in a small room, trying to get sleep on a thin TWIN mattress.... NOT the best sleep in the world).  

They give him some extra pain medication, and some medicine that will more or less paralyze him for the period it takes to put this line in.  It goes in through his inner thigh and up to his heart.  The good news here is these DON'T GO this is a one stop shot.  Just sucks big time for us to have to watch him go through this.  

Other than this is status quo right now.  

More to come.  

Prayer Request....HEALING REST for the most precious little boy in our lives.  We know God has him in the palm of his hand, guiding and protecting him.  

"For with God...nothing will be impossible!"  (Luke 1:37)

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