Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 4 Update #1

Birk is having an ok day.  Still struggling with the sedation.  We have had to put him in a state of paralysis a few times over this weekend (which they tell us is not uncommon).  He seems to rest well when he is under certain drugs and then other times he doesn't respond at all.  We started him on some new meds today that will help as we try to ween him off of the sedation and ext abate (as long as all goes to plan tomorrow at the scope).

We go to the scope tomorrow at 1:44 PM (random time, I know).  We are hoping for good news and that he is healing well.

Nick and I slept in the room with Birk last night.  Our night nurse and a new RT friend helped find us a bigger chair that rolls out into a bed.  It made for a few good hours of sleep for us.  The night before the nurse was here alone and because of the location of the room when Birk had one of his kicking and awake episodes she was literally on top of him and no one was around to help her.  We didn't feel right about that so we decided we will just stay in here for now.  Who needs sleep, right?

"Oh, give Thanks to the Lord for he is good!  For His mercies endure forever. "  Psalm 107:1

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