Friday, December 16, 2011

Could God show us any more miracles?!?

So, as my previous blog announced Birk was extubated this morning.  We were ready for the worst.  We were told kids can go through days to WEEKS of detox.  Plus Birk was on some pretty heavy stuff for about 8 full days...and a lot of it from what they've told us.  Now don't get me wrong...we are not out of the woods, but I am so happy to report that he has had a great day.  He has slept most of the day, had some mild jitters in between naps in my arms and his daddy's arms and then tonight as if we weren't already proud of this I sat him up in bed to get some of the phlegm he has in his throat he saw the giant Lightning McQueen and Mater that we bought him on surgery day and started SMILING!  Yes, you read that right...he smiled!  He watched a video of Addy  and smiled, he smiled at Nick singing the ISU fight song and he even giggled at one point.  His voice is very raspy and quiet, but we were beyond overjoyed to see him awake, not as shaky as they prepared us for....and SMILING.

Praise God for this day.

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