Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 6 Update #1

Today has been sort of uneventful.  Praise God.

We slept in the room again last night and I only had to get up a few times to assist Birk. He seemed to respond fairly well to the sedation medicines.  We're hoping that this continues through the week.  We hope it wasn't just the General that he got in the OR yesterday still helping him rest.  So far today he has been a bit wiggly, but overall responding like we hope we would.

The doctors just came by and did rounds.  Everything is doing good.  A few concerns.  His blood gas was fairly high this morning.  What they are looking at here is how the vent is doing for him with his breathing.  For the most part the vent is doing 100% of the work.  His Co2 levels were a bit high this morning so that is an indication that he is holding onto some Carbon Dioxide.  They made some vent changes and we're waiting to see if that works.  They also did a chest x-ray and noticed the tube is a little lower than normal.  We have a call into ENT to see if they want to move that tube up.  That might be a reason for the blood gas results too as the tube might be only making him use partial lung capacity!  Pray for good results and healing for Birk with this matter.

Nick and I are off to check into the Ronald McDonald house this morning.  We are so thankful we have a room so when Addy gets here we can get her all set up!!  We also figured out the whole getting her to Cincinnati issue.  Praise God for family.  I'm not sure I could get through this if it weren't for them.  I just hope someday we can show how grateful we are to those that have helped us.

I'm sure as the day progresses there will be more to update on.  However, right now I'm thankful for a short NO BIG DEAL update!  :-)

Romans 1:8 I thank my God through Jesus Christ for you!  

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