Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 4 Update # 3

The doctors have decided that they are going to DC (decrease and not use) Roc (Rocuronium).  Roc was a muscle relaxer and put Birk is a state of paralysis.  He responded really well to it, but as we are coming to only a few more days required of sedation they want us to find the perfect mix of sedation and pain and not use Roc if at all possible.  He is also on Ada van, and Methadone to help with the withdrawal process.  They start these even before the start weening off the sedation to help with the side effects.  Praise God that there are medications that do all these things that we need them to do!

I took a nap today.  # 1 I've been very sleep deprived, but # 2 I'm also feeling very bored.  I've been working quite a bit, blogging (obviously for those of you following), eating bad cafeteria food (both bad tasting and bad for me) and watching TV.  I am in serious need of a run!  :-(

More to come....

Psalm 107:43  Whoever is wise, let him heed these things, and consider the great love of the Lord.  

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