Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 5 Update # 4

We aren't in Kansas anymore!

So we've been to Cincinnati a number of times before, but we've never lived here.  We stayed for just shy of a week in July of 2010 and then a night here or a night there.  This is a real experience for us.

Our nurses told us that after the night we had last night and the day we had today (nothing bad...just exhausting) that we should go out for dinner and just get out of the hospital.  We finished up with the work we had for the day and then took off.  We had a great little Sushi dinner and then walked the mall for a bit.  We found a couple extra Christmas presents for the twins and decided to come back home.  We found out on the way back that we got a room at the Ronald McDonald House so we will check in tomorrow morning.  That will be nice to have that done for when Addy gets here this weekend.

On our drive back from dinner and the mall we were discussing the neighborhood around the hospital and just the atmosphere of parts of Cincinnati.  If driving in the dark you want to make sure not to make eye contact with people, don't look to obvious and really be quick and get where you need to be.  We heard stories from nurses about the gang fights around the area.  Man, what a change.   I miss my sweet little Ankeny home where my neighbors are amazing, everyone is friendly...and everyone knows my name....(well ok, I went to far with that one).

While I feel like I have a small connection with Cincinnati these days, I've debated even becoming a Bengels or Reds fan I am still ready to get home!  :-)

Only 3 more weeks...

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