Saturday, July 15, 2017

Robertson Family weekend.... 2017

Who wouldn't want to be part of this family?!?!?!

Robertson Annual weekend #2 in the books.

We started this year with some fun at the ball fields which are RIGHT ACROSS the street from Grandma and Grandpa's house.  Then we even got to see the 'big boys' or high school team play their final season game before tournaments.  We had a lovely day full of of obstacle course fun, running on the track and grilling out and then spent one day in Dubuque exploring and enjoying some of the beauty that is right here in Iowa.

We know a possible move is in the future for G'ma and G'pa to Ankeny (Yeah), but we sure hope these weekend adventures continue to happen so we can keep building these amazing memories!

Here are some pictures of the fun!

What a year this is going to be....

I realize the last time I blogged was in January of this year.  I'm off to a great start of keeping up here.    Yikes. I do, however, have some good excuses reasons!

So here you go...

1.  Birk and Addy are 8 years old.  They finished 2nd grade at Rock Creek with a bang.  They are reading, doing math, telling time, counting money and really just loving everything about their 2nd grade experience.

2. I STILL have the luxury of being a 'Work at Home Mommy'.  Wells Fargo has been so very good to me and for the last 4 years I've been able to maintain my career, help contribute to our families income AND be around for my precious babies.

3.  Nick has been 'gigging' a whole lot more with his band Oreo Meatwagon.  While it does take him away from the family quite a bit, the extra income is nice AND the fact that he is doing something he loves does make it worth while.

4. Speaking of extra income.  We started our basement finishing project in March of this year.  We are almost ready to hang dry wall and have started looking at flooring.  Lots of people had told us to prepare for how long it would take, I'm not sure why we didn't believe them.  (Good thing, we have extra income with the band... we've hit a few 'extra' expenses along this lovely ride).

5.  Birk finished a banner year with MidWest Pride baseball.  This was his first time playing on a Club Ball team and it was an amazing experience.  We spent most weekends from April to July 1st at the ball fields, but it was pretty incredible.  Watching him grow in his talent to play this sport and watching his love for his team, and the game made this Mama pretty darn proud.

6.  Addy finished up her 2nd year dancing with a killer dance recital in mid June.  We were so proud of our sweet little shy girl who got up on stage THREE times and performed her little heart out with a huge smile on her face.  Being a dance Mom can be tough but she made it worth it.

7. However, the BIGGEST reason I am behind the blogging world and likely why you will be hearing from me on this site more often is that we found out on April 17th, 2017 that we are expecting Robertson baby #3.  It was the biggest shock that we never would have imagined and never knew we wanted.  Nick and I have gone through every emotion in the book to define this pregnancy and have landed on the fact that God is GOOD... we are BLESSED beyond measure and we CANNOT wait for this sweet little baby GIRL to join our family.  (yes, you read that right.. it's a GIRL).  Our time has been spent watching my belly grow, following how big she is getting in comparison to fruits/vegetables and discussing all our favorite name options.  It's so fun to experience this with Birk and Addy and we know that they are going to make amazing older siblings and this little lady will be LOVED.

So... now you know.  We are busy people.  Our lives are changing in one of the greatest miraculous ways and we hope to use this blog to capture this journey!

Until next time,