Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 7 Update # 2

So one update I forgot to mention in my morning report was that there is one concern that we've been monitoring.  The top right lobe of Birk's lungs has begun to collapse.  This is common as he has not moved or taken a large deep breath on his own for a week now.  They expected this.  We've made some adjustments to help relieve this, but it might just take being off the vent and having a really good cry to pop that part out. 

1.  They increased his Peep settings on his vent to put more pressure in there to pop it out.
2.  They are having him lay with his right shoulder and right side up to force him to use that side of his lung more.
3.  They made an adjustment to the placement of the tube by pulling it out a little bit.  Hoping that the vent will force him to again use that area more.
4. They have started CPT on his chest.  This is where the RT beats on that place of his chest with a soft little spoungy thing to loosen up that lung and maybe even pop it out.  (to be honest he LOVES this.  When  Marsha his home nurse would do this he would flop on his bean bag chair and sometimes even look like he was going to fall asleep). 
5.  They just took an additional x-ray to determine if we've made some progress. 

I know I sound like a broken record, but I want to express my thanks to anyone and everyone reading this blog.  Those of you that have said a prayer, put Birk on prayer chains, sent Nick and I notes of encouragement and love or anyone who has never met us, but been touched by our son's story.... you mean the world to us.  We are so moved that you have allowed us to be part of your lives.  Please know that we are praying for you.  If you are struggling with anything know that we are praying.  If there is a joy in your life, we are praying.  What a great blessing it has been for us to be surrounded in prayer and we are blessed to be able to pray for you! 

With love!
Nick and Jenny

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