Monday, December 5, 2011


That is all I have to say.

 I find myself at the week AGAIN where Birk is scheduled for surgery.  While I'm feeling excitement that we might be at that point, I'm also feeling a LOT OF ANXIETY.  I'm nervous about him getting sick, I'm nervous about making sure we are ready to be gone for an entire month.  I'm worried about what the Holidays will look like with or without our families!! I'm worried about how much I'll miss Addy and how much she will miss us.  Most of all I'm worried about Birk.  Will he be ok?  Will his recovery go smoothly?  I know from his history he is strong and can get through this...I just hate to see him hurting!  I just hope if they choose NOT to do the surgery that they don't put him through all that he went through last time we were there. That was a lot for a little guy to have to deal with for essentially NOTHING.

So to sum up...I'm a wreck.  I'm stressed out!  I want December 8th to get here.  I want everything to be ok.  I want everyone to be happy and healthy!

Is that too much for a girl to ask for?


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