Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cincinnati Pictures

Here are some pictures that we took from the hospital room in the PICU.  

This was the day after surgery.  It was bittersweet to see our sweet boy looking like this.  We went from him up and running around the night before to this.  

This was the first day after they had downsized the ET tube.  There was a leak right away which was good news for us.  That meant the swelling was down quite a bit and he was able to breathe around the tube. 

His PICU room.  So many machines!!  :-( 

This was his IV rack.  He was on so much medication to keep him sedated.  It was difficult at first, but then we found his "happy medicine."  The top one was Morphine, the middle was his Dex, and the bottom was the Ketamine. On the back was his antibiotic.  Poor dude.  

Lighting McQueen watched over our boy all the time.  Especially when we couldn't be in the room.  Now he sleeps every night with him.  Best $26 we EVER SPENT.  

Watching your child be tied to a bed is brutal.  We knew the reason, but it was tough to see.  

One of my favorite pictures.  :-) 

Lighting and Mater!  :-) 

Here is Nick working away.  We tried to get as much work done as we could while in the PICU.  We knew that would be challenging after Birk woke up.  We were right!!!  

~~~~ Thank you for living this journey with us.  ~~~~

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