Saturday, July 14, 2012

Just stuff

This video was taken a few weeks ago.  The kids are loving their pool and we spend as much time in there as we can.  We spend so much time out there, that even Daddy had to jump into the joy!!

The joys of potty training!!

We love Lexie!  We also love Barry for letting us tour the Fire Station, and getting to sit in a Fire Truck.  


Ankeny Summerfest 2012!!  

Mommy and Birk in the Fire Truck.

Thumbs up to this day!  

Up on top of the Fire Truck.  How lucky are we??

After a parade, a long nap, some yummy Summerfest food, some awesome rides at Summerfest ... we decided Dairy Queen was in order.  

This boy just makes me smile!  :-)

Hope you've had a blast this weekend.  I know we have, and we are lucky enough to still have one more day.  

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