Saturday, February 25, 2012

Nice little Saturday

So I remember as a kid having regular visits to the public library with my mom.  I would get to pick out books, borrow movies and just have some good old innocent fun at the library for a few hours.  I decided that the kids and I would try this out today.  So we woke up, I ran, we all showered/took baths and off we went around 10am.  I told Nick as we were leaving..."who knows when we will be back...this might not go over well."  Well, I was WRONG.  The kids LOVED it.  They colored, pet the visiting dog, read some books, played with trains, build LEGO castles and each got to check out some books and borrow one movie each.  They have talked about it all day.

It was one of those experiences that just makes me so humbled to be a Mom.  It was an amazing feeling watching them have so much fun as they are learning, interacting with other kids...and JUST BEING KIDS.

The best part of this whole story is that this whole experience cost me nothing except my gas to get to the library.  What a magical way to use your imagination and have some good family fun on a Saturday!

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