Saturday, February 18, 2012

Check up ~~

So we take off tomorrow morning sometime before 9am to head back to Cincinnati Children's for our 1 month check up (1 month late).  We were scheduled to  head back in January, but due to B's ear infections we had to bump it back.  We have been suffering from some minor colds, but they have told us they still want us to head that way.  I have to say...that I'm TOTALLY EXCITED for this trip.  I want to know that things are still going great for B man.  I want to hear the graft still looks good and that he is doing as great as we see he is doing.

It also feels bittersweet to head back to Ohio.  We've been through so much and each time we head back that way it brings new emotions and reminds of where we've been.

Prayers for safe travels, good kids, and good reports for Birk are appreciated!

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