Monday, October 22, 2012

Little Boys vs. Little Girls

I realize it has been quite some time since I've posted an "update" on the twins so I thought tonight would be as good as any.

Birk is a WILD, crazy, full of energy, Baseball loving, football loving, sports of any kind loving, IOWA STATE CYCLONE loving fan.  From the minute he wakes up he is ready to go! He has officially learned how to put his potty and poppy in the toilet and wears underwear all day long.  He is also very smart and loves to read books, work on his counting, and sing his ABC's.  He loves to watch movies and spend time with his cousins from Omaha.  Birk uses words like "Lasterday" to describe things he did "yesterday."  He still refers to "Cy" as "Yi" and also loves to do everything his Daddy does.  Birk has been in Sunday School for a little over a month now and also sings with the Little Cherubs at church.

Addy is also a WILD, crazy, full of energy, pink wear, girly girl type of kid.  She loves dolls, stuffed animals, ANYTHING with sparkles, and is very creative.  Addy is great at letting her imagination run wild and playing "house", "Doctor", or just about anything we will play with her.  Addy has also mastered going #1 in the potty, but it is a battle that we fight often when it comes time to go #2.  (If anyone reading this has any suggestions ... i'm all ears).  Addy loves to read and learn new things.  Some of her favorite stories are about Jesus and she is fascinated with Heaven.  She loves to read "Heaven is for Real" and talk about all the things that Colton saw when he visited.  Addy likes to make up her own words so if you are ever around her and you hear something like "shoshe" you can pretty much be sure it's Addy Grace.

Twin Stats:
Birks - 32 pounds
Addy - 30 pounds (sometimes 29 pounds)

Birks - No cavaties and does great at the Dentist
Addy - No cavaties and does great at the Dentist

Birk - Can spell Birk, Addy, Mom, Dad, Woo, Cy
Addy - Can spell Addy, Birk, Mom Dad, Woo, Cat

Birk - Can brush his own teeth, dress himself and undress himself.
Addy - Can brush her own teeth, dress herself and undress herself.

Ok, update post is over.  Thanks for following along!

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