Sunday, September 23, 2012


The weather is turning colder, football is in full swing, leaves are changing and we had soup from a crock pot tonight for dinner.   What a wonderful life!  We've been quite busy lately.  So, here is a short summary of some of the things that have kept us as busy as we are.

  • Nick has traveled quite a bit.  He has been all the way from Florida to Michigan.  He leaves again this week for Houston.  I'm hoping (for my sanity) this is the last trip of 2012.  We just operate better when he is around. 
  • Addy had her 1st ER visit this past week.  She slipped on a volleyball and suffered from a minor concussion.  What a scary deal.  
  • We have become a Cyclone Tailgating family.  For the record, I LOVE THE HAWKEYES.  I always will.   But, I also love tailgating with my family and watching some college sports.  So, unless the two are playing each other ... I do love both teams.  
  • We got to head up to the farm this weekend and go for tractor rides, play football in the HUGE yard, play in the dirt and collect rocks.  Can you even think of anything more fun that that?  
  • Birk and Addy are in a young children's music group called, Little Cherubs, at our church.  They are loving it (for the most part).  They are still a little tentative when it comes to interacting with the other kids, but are doing better each week.  They also started Sunday School this month.  They are REALLY loving that!!!  

Here are a few photos to capture some of these awesome moments.

Long sleeves and flip flops.  Awesome part of Fall!  

Fun Cousin pictures. 

Kid giggles!  

Afternoons' on the farm. 

Collecting Rocks!  

Walks with Grandma.  

Mommy Hugs!  

Tractor Rides with Grandpa!  

Setting the ball up for Dad to kick!  

"I love football." 

Too much fun! 


I love this kid.  

and this one! 
This was Addy being silly @ the ER.  This was right about the time she started to feel better.  

My greatest accomplishment(s).  :-) 

He is riding fast! (check out his hair).  

Hope you are enjoying Fall about as much as we are!  

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