Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Here we are again ...

Daddy-less for a few days.  Nick left today for the rest of the week in Houston.  He won't be back until Saturday afternoon.  He extended his trip to spend some time with his family down there.  This trip is bittersweet for me as he isn't really working all that much and going to be having a great deal of fun with some great family members.  For me, I'm still here in Ankeny 100% responsible for everything!  Don't get me wrong, I love my kids to death, love my job, love my house .... but after the last few weeks being a single parent I'm getting pretty burnt out.  I think my kids are even noticing this.  Tonight I picked them up from daycare and Sweet Birk said to me, "Mom, can we just have the big M for dinner (a.k.a. McDonald's) so you don't have to cook?"  To which I gratefully accepted and pulled in for them.  Then I found out it was .99 Chicken Nugget Happy Meal day!  Man, I couldn't have picked a better night!  Then we got home and I told the kids I was running upstairs to throw a load of laundry in and put on my running clothes and Addy ran up the stairs and started to empty the dryer for me.  Could I have any better kids?  Geez!

So while I'm still having a bit of a pitty party, I'm also incredibly grateful that I get this 1-1 time w/ the twins.  I truly thought tonight would be so much work and I would be in a foul mood and amazingly I was able to have some pretty incredible moments tonight.

So, I'm off to finish watching Super Readers and then read some Bible stories with the kids.

Hope everyone's week is going great!

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