Thursday, November 8, 2012


One of my kids’ favorite books is a Bible book that goes through a series of major stories from the bible. What I love most is that they love to ask questions about these stories and it gives me an opportunity to tell them more about Jesus and the people from the bible. One of the stories is about Good Friday and the story of the Resurrection. In the picture of Jesus he has his hands open palms up and you can see scars on his hands. Every time we read it the kids’ faces get very solemn and they want to talk about these scars. I’ve done my best to try and tell them exactly what has happened without going to. far. We talk a lot more about how those scars remind us what Jesus went through and why he did what he did (in 3 year old terms).

Then the other night as we’re talking through this Birk looks at me and says “Mommy, I have a scar like Jesus” as he points to his throat.

I said to him “Yeah, buddy you do. “

He then says “It is there to always remind me that I had a Trache and Dr. Cotton helped fix me up so I can be a big boy.”

I just smiled at him and nodded my head and then…

Addy chimed in with “Yeah!!! Birky’s scars are just like Jesus’, so we can always remember.”
I’m so proud of who my little kids are becoming and how much they are growing up loving Jesus.

So Today I’m the MOST THANKFUL for Birk and Addy! I am also so thankful for the scars that we all have. They are there to remind us of where we’ve been, what we’ve been through and how strong we are to overcome! Addy was right, scars are great reminders of the strength and grace that God has given to all of us.

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