Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday's Sum it up!! :-)

2 posts in one day...LUCKY YOU!

This week has been filled with so much greatness!  We took the kids to 2 baseball games this week.  Sunday afternoon we took the kids and had so much fun we decided to take them again on Tuesday night.  We invited a great group of people to go and I put together a small tailgate.  We had a blast.  I think we had more fun in the parking lot than in the game.  :-)  It's so fun to watch the kids have fun.

Thursday landed Nick and I at the fair.  We scored some fantastic seats (6th row) to the Casting Crowns/Sanctus Real concert on the day of the show.  In my opinion, there is something very powerful about heading to a Christian concert...and this one met all our expectations!!!  What a powerful worship experience.  God is good!!

This weekend has been filled with family time and lots of fun.  Friday night took us to the CLC for Finally Friday and a great concert by Risen and Hevel.  The kids danced, ran and clapped to the great music.  We got home late and went right to bed.  This morning we woke up and went to one of the fun parks close by our new house.  We had so much fun we lost track of time and spent close to 2.5 hours there!  WOW!  We then decided to do some quick shopping in our new town.  We must have wore the kiddo's out because Birk man fell asleep sitting in the cart!  We quickly decided to grab some lunch and head home.  They are now down for their naps.  Nick and I are watching a movie, with the windows open, fresh air coming in and waiting for grandparents to arrive.  Again, GOD IS GOOD!

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