Monday, August 15, 2011

Mommy's Monday

Whew...I actually think coming to work this morning was a small break from the chaos that today brings.  Packing for 3 people, making sure the house was clean, kids are fed, and read to go has been quite the handful.  Thank goodness for my mom who helps me in any way she can. 

Hotels are booked, check.  Bag packed, check.  Good friend coming to water the grass, check.  Addy's excited to go my sisters, check.  Birk has toys and Dora movies, check.  Nick and I have diet dew, check.  NOW...we just need the good news we are hoping for. 

On a different note, we met quite a few of our neighbors this weekend as one of the neighborhoods near us had a block party.  It is so neat to see the amount of kids that Addy and Birk can play with.  Plus new friends for us!  The block party was perfect for adults and kids.  They had bikes, popcorn, and after dark a movie projected on someone's garage.  What neat ideas!  I love the family atmosphere that Ankeny brings.  What a nice change of pace from our old neighborhood.  Lots to do, lots of friends and fun to be had! 

This weeks blog's might change a bit as I do want to keep everyone in the loop on Birk.  If you are the one person who will miss my stupid ramplings, I apologize.  :-) 

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