Saturday, August 13, 2011

Favorite Friday's

I realize I'm a day late, but yesterday was filled with so many fun things I didn't have time to post.  So here is a list of my favorite things from this week.
10.  Learning about new running paths around our new neighborhood.
9.  Smiling at our neighbors and getting to know so many of them.
8.  Having a runner's high!
7.  A baseball tailgate and a baseball game with terrific friends!!
6. The most beautiful evening on the deck with my husband and a Miller Lite.
5. Seeing great friends from Florida.  Watching how a baby can change a couple who was already so great even more great!
4. Having a corn dog at the fair.
3. Attending a GREAT Christian concert that reminds me that I'm not alone with my faith journey.  Lots of things were said that hit both Nick and I!  :-)
2. Watching Birk and Addy learn new things and say new things each day.  They are growing up.
1. Listening to the sound of a child's laughter!

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