Monday, August 8, 2011

Upcoming Trip

So we have come to that moment of truth again with Birk. Next Monday we will make the 9 hour drive to Cincinnati, Ohio again to see Dr. Boech and Dr. Cotton to see if our sweet little man is now ready for surgery. This becomes such an emotional and exhausting roller coaster. The thrill of the fact that this could be it...we could have a Trach free little boy, but the worry of what this means for him. How much he will have to endure and go through. If I know one thing to be true is that Birk is strong. He has a strength that I can never measure up to. He has time and time again proved to me that he can make it through challenges such as this.

I know I've asked for many MANY prayers in the last 2.5 years, but again I find myself asking once more. I know compared to some families our situation is small. Birk is doing amazing, he is happy, he talks, sings, plays baseball and doesn't even care that he has a trach.....but what a blessing it will be the day that I can see his sweet little neck. When I was little my Aunt Jan used to give me soft little kisses on the back of my neck and whisper "I got your sweet spot." It makes me smile thinking about giving Birk a "mooch" on his "sweet little spot."

I know God is watching over Birk and making sure all of this happens when it is supposed to happen. It's not my to determine. I know Bomps is watching from Heaven and is going to ensure that "little Toad" will be ok, but each and every extra prayer that can go up can do this. Praise a God who will watch over my special boy. Praise him for the blessings he has given us (even in the form of fears). Praise a God who will show us his divine mercy through the medical staff and the people of this facility who give life and hope back to so many families.

So, my prayer will be for this week as I prepare for our trip...

Dear God,
Thank you for again reminding me that you've got my back. :-) You've blessed me with the greatest miracles I could have ever imagined. You've also got Birk in the palm of your hand and you will watch over him every day for the rest of his life. I will try to remember that you know what needs to happen and you will be with us through the entire journey (in fact you've never left our side).

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